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Temperament Quiz: Are You Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic Or Phlegmatic?

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The Oxford dictionary defines temperament as a person’s usual manner of thinking, behaving or reacting. It largely refers to consistent differences in individual behaviors which are largely informed by biological, systems of learning, values and attitudes. Human temperament is determined via specific profiles of behavior and has evolved through measurable and testable mechanisms. With this, the main question individuals often ask is what is my temperamental profile? Why do I react differently compared to my siblings? For further clarifications, a temperament quiz can be a good place to begin.

Psychologists recognize four major temperament types namely sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholy and choleric.

Sanguine is the most popular temperament type and it’s not gender specific as it is found with both sexes. The orientation of the sanguine is styled in such an attractive manner because they are extremely people oriented, outgoing, extreme talkative and very social individuals.

These individuals have a wide span of emotions and behavior; can be involved in all human activity and can be the life of an event. Also, they are impulsive, playful, highly active, affectionate, and much willing to trust people easily. In fact, when you meet one for the first time, you’re likely to assume you’ve met them for a long time.

temperament quiz

Phlegmatic is another common temperament. “Phlegmatics” are service oriented individuals and can be easily mistaken for a sanguine. These individuals are introverted but can easily mingle with others to achieve a stated goal. In terms of traits, they are calm, easy going and perhaps show little or no empathy for others. In addition, they can be indecisive when faced with a huge decision to make. Think you know one? Phelgs as they are fondly called find it hard to break away from their routine. They can be helplessly loyal to friends and will stick by a relationship irrespective of the actions of the other party.

Ever seen individuals that are much crazy on details? Chances are that they Mel. Melancholy or Mel are quality and detail oriented; they are perfectionist and seek to reach logical conclusions either on a matter. Their mind is analytical hence the confidence and assertiveness their personality exudes. These group of individuals are well organized and tend to worry about how things might have been done differently in the past— a trait that makes them anxious and worrying about the future. Mels can be slow in trusting individuals and can only do so until they are certain of their intentions.

Finally, the choleric temperament is the rarest type of temperament. Individuals with this temperament are result oriented; make goals and stick to the action plans that will yield results. They are highly driven to succeed even in a tough environment. This basically sets them apart from sanguine.  These individuals are creative, strong willed and are ever filled with ideas. In fact, they may seem controlling in relationships because there is a goal coupled with an action plan. They may also be seen championing social causes because they are compassionate.

Psychologists indicates that individuals may exhibit two or more temperamental profiles and that is safe but one temperament is well dominant than the other. The temperament quiz below can help provide further explanation.

temperaments quiz
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