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Quick Clash of Clans Gameplay Guide for Beginners

Clash of clans is a free multiplayer strategy game developed by Supercell that is available on Android and iOS platforms. In principle, the game is quite simple for habitual gamers but pretty difficult and intense for beginners. To maximize the gaming minutes, new players need to understand a few tricks and tips. This Clash of […]

sun sign elements
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Zodiac Sign Elements and Their Respective Meanings

The 12 Zodiac signs and their elements vary in meaning. By proxy, they influence each other to a large extent.  The zodiac signs are mainly grouped into four sun sign elements namely – earth, fire, water and air. Coming with unique traits, they all make up the natural world with a bit of dependency on […]

sun sign astrology and personality
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Sun Sign Astrology, Zodiac Signs and Personality Traits

Studies and assumptions of the Sun sign astrology started with observations with the first star-gazers noticing an aggregation of stars sharing a number of similar characteristics. Over the years, these observations have been adapted and further expatiated to provide better meaning. In detail, there are twelve Sun signs each coming with its peculiar inclinations, motivations […]

astrological compatibility
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Astrological Compatibility by Date of Birth and Time

Compatibility!! A key relationship substance that makes the world magical. Imagine a life without understanding each other. A life without understanding a spouse, colleague or an associate? Very impossible right? Compatibility plays a huge role in every human interpersonal relationship and it remains a main concern for anyone seeking any kind of relationship even romance. […]