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Cancer zodiac Quiz
Cancer Quiz
I bet this is not the first time you heard about Cancer zodiac. There are many persons born under cancer zodiac sign, but there are also many people who don't really know about the Cancer sun sign. Take this Cancer quiz and test your knowledge if you believe you are an exception.

Cancer is one of the 12 zodiac signs in the horoscope. The cancer sun sign dates back to prehistoric times, when it was used to describe people born in the time of agriculture. The Cancer zodiac sign star symbol is the crab. Interestingly, this creature can be poisonous and is often used as the symbol for cruelty or worse.

The zodiac sign of Cancer is the first sign of the zodiac. Cancers are emotional, sensitive, and persons born under this sun sign have a tendency to be moody. They are however loyal to their loved ones, most especially their family. Cancers are family oriented indeed. It is believed that even though Cancer can be moody and sensitive, they are also affectionate and loyal to the ones they love. They like to spend time alone and they need time to deal with their strong emotions which is why it's not easy for them to make new friends or even take certain new decisions.

The Cancer zodiac on the flip side is often categorized as a difficult sun sign with lots of negative traits. The good news however is that these people will never give up on what's important to them, no matter how long it takes them to get results. The Cancer sun sign cn be synonymous to bravery. Cancers and very caring and are always willing to lend a helping hand but they are very sensitive people who are easily broken emotionally.

Generally speaking, Cancer sun sign personalities are sensitive, self-protective and deep are thinkers. Person born under this zodiac are also prone to mood swings and can find it difficult to handle change. They can feel jealous but at the same time they can establish deep emotional connections with others. If you're born under this sun sign, this Cancer quiz is certainly for you. This quiz will focus on the astrological facts of this zodiac and all the questions are directed at uncovering how much you know about the Cancer zodiac sign.