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Personality Quiz: Are You An Introvert, Extrovert Or Ambivert? Find Out The Truth.

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Why Introvert or Extrovert Quiz?

Ever wondered why you’re what you are? Why you react in a particular way and others respond in extremely different ways given the same circumstance? Perhaps, you’re an introvert; maybe an extrovert or a mix of both?

In the 1900s, Carl Jung a Psychologist described personality types into few groups based on where they found their source of energy. Basically, he described these groups as introverts, extroverts and “ambiverts” – hybrid of both personality elements. You can see where you belong with fun personality quizzes.

Specifically, introverts are the calm, easy-going folks. They derive their energy from spending “alone-time” all the time, or at least most of the time. If that’s you, trust me; you are not awkward. Introverts are drained at the idea of socializing as they prefer calm and minimally stimulating zones and environment.

Some will ask, “are introverts shy?” the right response will be “No”. They simply do not understand the concept of being in numerous companies. In fact, they’d rather stay home than hang out for a social event. They enjoy quiet, solitary activities such as reading, gaming, drawing or gardening.  Any other activity outside their small circle is simply unnecessary. Relatives and friends often make attempts to get more chit-chat time from friends and associates that are introverts but they would rather not do so if they knew the strengths associated with these group of people. All over the world, introverts are known to be great thinkers, planners and also exude brilliance; some researcher ascribe these abilities to their devotion for details. In fact, over 60 percent of lawyers are known to be introverts.  Contrary to the popular notion, they do not hate people but are mainly interested in deep and not mere shallow relationships.

Conversely, some individuals are the exact opposite of introverts. They are the life of the party. They breathe and live for the buzz. They are outgoing and have a hard time fighting off attention and interaction. With them, it is safe to say, nature draws people to them and they love it. They are further characterized and distinguished by their social circles and disgust for alone time. They love the energy around people, are risk prone individuals and are more vocal about issues and situations. They are a bunch of many shades and their greatest strength lies in their flexibility – they are known to require no special effort or mental evaluation to get a social activity going. Want to know where you belong? Try these personality test questions.

Introvert, Extrovert and Ambiverts.

Well, some individuals do not fall into these categories – they are the ambiverts. They are in the middle (neither here nor there). Ambiverts have mastered the positive aspects of both personality elements. They exude balance, are good listeners knowing when to speak and listen and are capable of adjusting personality balance to any of the situations at hand. They are much more comfortable in a social setting and yet value alone time. In fact, they often help break the cycle of silence of introverts thus making them more comfortable in striking a conversation. These personalities are wonderful, filled with strengths and elements of surprises. Still not sure of your personality type? Find out where your power lies.

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