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the act movie quiz

The Act Movie Quiz: See How Much You Know About This Interesting TV Series …

Based on true life events, the Act television series will make you come to speed with the in-workings of human thoughts and actions. The Act, is an American true-events crime series, which aired on March 20, 2019. In its first outing, it related the life of Gypsy Blanchard and Dee Dee Blanchard (her mother). With […]

chambers quiz

Can You Answer These Questions On Chambers TV Series? See For Yourself …

With a spice of horror comes yet another thrilling series. Chambers!! The series is an indigenous cast set near a Diné reservation, Arizona. The American supernatural horror-themed play created by Leah Rachel will certainly give you breathtaking moments. The cast is centered on Sasha Yazzie, a high school student who resides with her Uncle (Big […]

greys anatomy quiz

How Much Do You Know About Grey’s Anatomy TV Series? You’ll DEFINITELY want to check out this Quiz …

With a cult like following, the Grey’s Anatomy- an American medical-themed TV series which premiered in 2005 clearly continues to amass viewership that transcends the field of medicine. Upon gaining prominence, the series was rated as an all-time favorite since its debut. The Nielsen ratings, puts the viewership of the second season at an average […]

line of duty quiz

New Quiz: Test your knowledge of Line of Duty television series …

Skillfully crafted thrills, intense shocks and suspense are just a few of the great elements that spike up the Line of Duty TV show, leaving its audience spellbound, anxious and anticipating more with every intriguing episode. Line of Duty TV show does not fail to deliver on the adrenaline rush that cop-drama lovers have come […]

the big bang theory quiz

Only a True Fan Can Get at least 90% on This “Big Bang Theory” TV Series Quiz …

To the uninitiated the Big Bang Theory TV show should, well, be about the big bang theory, the science of how the universe evolved. But if you are part of the 18 million people who tuned in to view the season finale of this inexplicably popular TV show, you would know that this show has […]

breaking bad quiz

Breaking Bad Quiz: How well do you know this TV show? You’ll DEFINITELY want to check out our …

Who remembers this line? Say my name! An instant classic line from the bombastic badass moment in season 5 of Breaking Bad, depicting Walter White (the great Heisenberg) as a fearless master deal maker in the treacherous drug world of the methamphetamine business. Breaking bad is nothing short of a television phenomenon and rightly so, […]

game of thrones quiz

Only die-hard fans of Game of Thrones TV Series will be able to get 80% on this tricky quiz …

It’s a cult of TV-doped, determined binge-watchers, whose members are forever on the prowl, scouring the internet for more show-based material to consume. If you consider yourself an erudite and brilliant member of the Game of Thrones kingdom fandom, then it shouldn’t be news that knowledge is NOT power, but that power is power. However, […]