The Four Temperaments Quiz!

temperament quiz
temperament quiz
INTRODUCION: Psychologists generally recognize four primary temperament types. They include Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholy and Choleric. While each human temperament is distinct and clearly differentiated by the thinking, behaviours, emotions and personality traits attached to it, individuals may also exhibit more than one temperamental profiles. In cases where this duplexity is identified, further observations often uncover the dominance of a "major" temperament over the other(s).

Temperament Quizzes are designed to serve as behavior assessment tools. It is however important to emphasize that there is no single temperament type that is particularly good or bad. Regardless of the outcome of your temperament quiz, note that it is mainly the way a person's temperament fits with his or her environment that often results in outcomes that are either positive or negative.

INSTRUCTIONS: Select only the most appropriate answer to each question and please remember to relax and have fun with each one. The quiz questions are designed to educate and entertain you on a lighter note. To get the best results, don’t answer what you feel is generally okay. You are expected to choose the answers that best describe you in most cases. For some of the questions, we understand you may have a difficult time choosing appropriate answers, and that’s just fine! When a perfect answer or a suitable option is not provided, simply pick any of the options you are most drawn to. For some of the personal and behavioral questions free to ask someone close who knows you well enough to weigh in on your behalf.

Good luck and please remember to share your results on your social media pages/groups and also invite your friends to participate in the quiz.