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am i romantic quiz
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Romance is definitely great! Makes the world revolve on-its-axis and mankind is thankful for that. Romance ushers in warmth and passion into everything including a relationship. People in love play around the idea of romance, the feelings of endearment as well as the fantasy that follows.

In reality, many people share that feeling of endearment at the start of a relationship, perhaps during special moments or celebration; and that’s all about romance for them. For some, the idea of romance pops up during vacations or days of big win. However, some argue they are romantic or at best superior romantic. The following key points serve as benchmarks… assess yourself with a straight face and you’d be close to uncovering the truth.

am i romantic quiz

  • Do you recreate romantic scenes?

Have you ever recreated the romantic atmosphere you saw in a movie? If yes! How soon do you relive this picturesque moments? Do you see a movie over and over again in order to perfectly create the scenery scripted in the movie? Your romance drive is on the high if this and the aforementioned describes you.

  • Romantic ideas and places

The idea of mentally playing romantic ideas and scenery is always a thing when newly in love. However, if these ideas are not just a one-off thing but an ever consistent phase even long after the relationship has started, then you’re romantic. For the romantic, the ideas flow unhindered and are helpless about it.

  • Do you reciprocate similar gestures?

Romantic gestures are appreciated by folks in tuned with the warmth that romance brings. For some, the idea of being romantic can be really disturbing let alone reciprocating the favour. But if you ever find yourself returning a romantic gesture often then you tick the romantic membership slot.

  • Poems and letters

Beautiful moments captured by poems and letters in movies go beyond the scripts. In fact, the same plays out in day to day living as the advent of technology has not changed the mushy warmth lovers feel when they sight word of their lovers scribbled in notes. If you belong to that class of the old—sharing of poems and letters indicates you’re romantic.

  • Pet names

The use of pet names may not really come off as a big deal especially to many in new relationships. However, the motive may give one off in a relationship. For instance, your lover may be exploiting your weakness (or good nature) if s/he only calls you by a pet name when in dire need of a favour. But if the pet names are registered for all occasions, even in mere communications then your lover is romantic and same goes for you too if the use of pet names is not tagged to certain occasions.

Feel you still measure up as “romantic”? Take this romance quiz and be the judge!

am i romantic quiz
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