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how logical or emotional are you

Are You Logical or Emotional? Attempt This 3 Minute Quiz To Find Out …

Not certain if your actions are products of logic or emotions? Do you rely on logic or emotions when making decisions? Logic is the reasoning ability that is assessed by complex and strict rules of validity. A logical decision is one that follows through on reasons that goes beyond impulse but needs. Many individuals are […]

how strong is your friendship

BFF Test: This Best Friends Quiz Will Reveal How Strong Your Friendship Is …

Best friends! Really, are you best friends for life – or friends till the bigger issues lead you both apart? Friends make life easier and many people have the assumption that friends will always come and go because nothing promises tomorrow, but seriously best friends are for life. Disagreements may arise but you’ll remember the […]

are you a nerd

Do You Think You Might Be A Nerd? Find Out The Truth With This Five Minute Quiz …

Are you a nerd? Urban Dictionary defines nerd as an individual who enjoys learning – they are book smart and hardly live by social norms or “sociability”. Often times we assume, mainly by stereotyping, that they are persons with eye-glasses lased with think lens or guys with bow ties and suspenders. Perhaps, they’re folks with […]

Your Crush Likes You Back

Take This Three Minute Quiz To Find Out If Your Crush Likes You Back …

There is that tangling feeling we’ve all had for that crush in the past. Surprisingly, in many cases the feeling remains so with many at crossroads simply because they hardly know if the feeling is mutual. Does he feel the same way? Do I approach her? These among many other questions boggles the mind of […]