Test Your Knowledge of car related objects of passion! This version is specially for car lovers. See how much you already know about your favorite car brands with our quiz sets.

toyota car quiz

How well do you know the Toyota brand? This Toyota Car Model Quiz will tell …

Downstairs, in the parking lot of many apartment buildings, all the vehicles parked bear the three Toyota overlapping ellipses logo except for one car, probably owned by a non-conformist. The Toyota is unarguably one car brand you are sure to see as you step out of the house and hit the road today. With a […]

honda quiz

If You Once Owned a Honda Car Get in and Participate in this Quiz to test your knowledge …

Ranking sixth in the Fortune 500 (2018) list of Largest Car Companies Worldwide lies the Honda Motor Company, another automobile giant to originate from Japan. Founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda, a Japanese man enthusiastic about cars. The Honda car was invented as an afterthought, as Soichiro was invested in his company Tokai Seiki, a […]

ford car quiz

The Ultimate Ford Quiz: See how well you Know Ford Motor Company with this Quiz …

With manufacturing operations spanning the shores of many countries including United States, China, Germany and many other nations, the Ford Motor Company is not only a strong brand but a competitive force to reckon with in the automobile industry. As a giant that they truly are, the company upon establishment by Henry Ford was incorporated […]

volkswagen quiz

How Much Do You Know About Volkswagen Group and Passenger cars …

Are you a lover of speed? Do you know your wonders-on-wheels? How about the Volkswagen? Well, let us find out. Based in Germany, the Volkswagen shortened VW is a carmaker established on 28th of May, 1937 by the German Labour Front known as Deutsche Arbeitsfront with her headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Unknown to many, “Volks” […]

bmw quiz

Test Your Knowledge Of BMW Cars: See How Much You Know About The BMW With This Quiz …

Thinking of class–style–speed in one piece, in a beast-on-wheel? Search no further, BMW easily fills that void. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, known with the acronym BMW is a multinational German auto-maker. Established in 1916 with the initial vision of producing aircraft engines, the company has grown in leaps and bounds as it is ranked the […]

mercedes benz quiz

How Well Do You Know The Mercedes Benz? Gauge Your Knowledge With This Quiz …

Mercedes-Benz!!! Here comes the King of rides–a timely meet for speed, panache and comfort. If you’re ever in need of class and luxury? Then it must be a Benz. In fact, it’s safe to say that the brand is a “home” on its own. Based in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg; the German automobile maker is a division […]