Your Crush Likes You Back

This Three Minute Quiz Will Clearly Reveal If Your Crush Likes You Back, Or Not …

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There’s that tangling feeling we once had for that crush. Unsurprisingly, in many cases these feelings remain with many at crossroads simply because they hardly know if the feeling is mutual. Does he or she feel the same way? Do I approach her/him? These among many other questions boggles the mind of many. Well, the following will answer your questions and ascertain if your crush likes you back.

crush quiz

  1. Glances

The most obvious sign that indicates if someone likes you is certainly the continuous glances. You can catch people staring at you and that’s okay but if it becomes a habit then it’s not a coincidence. More glances mean I like you and I’d want to know you more.

  1. Moves beyond the glances

Beyond the persistent glances is the “meet and collect” stage. If your crush is not already a friend, expect to meetup soon. This depends on the assumptions they make of the initial glances. If your crush makes similar meaning of the glances, you may be lucky enough to see them approaching you.

  1. Responds to invitations

If your crush likes you they will likely respond to your invitations to your social circle. In fact, they may be laid back on hitting it off but will certainly accept calls to get close to you.

  1. Looks good for you

The extra effort to tone up and look good means a lot. Your crush is more than willing if s/he shows up looking extra pretty even if it will be overboard for the occasion. So, if you observe your crush looks more appealing during meetups or expected bump-ins, then you have the hit jack pot.

  1. Becomes timid around you

The shyness and numbness is always a cool sign people miss. If your crush gets overtly shy and timid when you’re close by, then it’s an obvious yes. Your crush is in to you.

  1. Jealous when you’re with another

What’s the countenance of your crush when you’re with the opposite sex? How cold is her/his reaction when you spin off in warmth and laughter when with the opposite sex? If s/he turns gloomy, interrupts the conversation or walks by; she’s possibly jealous those moments are not with him/her.

  1. Finds ways to be with you

That is well spelt out. If those invitations keep coming in, then your crush may share the same feeling with you.

  1. Favors

Your crush will spring up surprises and shower you with gifts even when it’s not a big day.

  1. Everyone knows it

Everyone, at least your friends will have a hint of what’s going on between you both—even if you but are yet to acknowledge the feeling.

  1. Verbalize it

If luck smiles your way, you may hear him/her say the words you long to hear. If the words aren’t forthcoming, make your luck but ask how they feel about you and clear out the assumptions.

Now let’s do this the quiz way… How about taking a crush quiz to confirm if the romance “coast” is indeed clear for you? Get right on it…

crush quiz
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