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BFF Test: This Best Friends Quiz Will Reveal How Strong Your Friendship Is …

best friends quiz
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Best friends! Really, are you best friends for life – or friends till the bigger issues lead you both apart? Friends make life easier and many people have the assumption that friends will always come and go because nothing promises tomorrow, but seriously best friends are for life. Disagreements may arise but you’ll remember the good things that brought you together and this will make you find your way to each other again and again.

In essence, how can we tell a true or best friend from a toxic one? Well, aside the general knowledge of best friends having our best interests at heart, there are chances that we can mistake a toxic and cunning individual for one. You probably know who your friends are, but if you want to find out for sure, answer this best friend questions to tell how strong your current friendship is.

best friends quiz

  • Is Your Friend Loyal?

Loyalty is indeed scarce in the world but it is the ultimate foundation upon which relationships are built and sustained. How loyal is your friend? I mean, how have they proven to be worthy of your association and loyalty? In judging if a friend is the best, one must test the loyalty of such friendship through everyday struggles. Do they come through for you during tough moments? How safe is your secrets after sharing with them? If during evaluation, you observe traits of selfishness, jealousy and negative emotions then you’ve your answer.

  • Are the Interests Common?

In friendship lies union of interests, ambition and hobbies. Association thrives when there is a common interest or goal. This makes the chances of knowing and understanding each other better. In fact, understanding each other will remain a myth if activities are not similar. So, your friendship may not be as strong as you think if your interests are not similar.

  • What’s The Level of Honesty?

The globe is filled with hypocrites— individuals who portray themselves to be something they’re not. Unfortunately, we have many as close allies, friends and colleagues. The concern with hypocrites is that their opinions are not honest and real; and true friendship cannot be built on false valuation and perceptions. Although, as humans we’re imperfect but if your relationship with your best friend has been strained with many tales of dishonesty in the past, then the friendship is far from great.

  • Are The Differences appreciated?

Variety, is said to be the spice of life. The same is true for people because we vary in our personalities, talents and views on issues. However, these individual uniqueness comes with varying degree of faults and understanding these weaknesses means we celebrate our friendship.

That said, the problem in relationships is that individuals dwell more on weakness that accompany these differences. Does your best friend dwell on your weakness? If yes, your friendship is not as strong as you think.

Take a step further and attempt this best friends quiz and we’ll uncover how strong your current friendship indeed is..

best friends quiz
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