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Are You Logical or Emotional? Attempt This 3 Minute Quiz To Find Out …

logical or emotional quiz
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Not certain if your actions are products of logic or emotions? Do you rely on logic or emotions when making decisions? Logic is the reasoning ability that is assessed by complex and strict rules of validity. A logical decision is one that follows through on reasons that goes beyond impulse but needs. Many individuals are caught in the web of logic and emotions. On the other the hand, when you’re ruled by emotions your decisions are often based on spurs of the moment – on how you feel per time. In simple steps, the following key points will help uncover if you’re ruled by logic or emotions.

logical or emotional quiz

  • Plans and Actions Change

Clearly, to be emotional means your feelings and actions are impulse driven. Your list of to-do activities is often informed by your mood. If you have ever had the feeling of doing a new thing (task) that may seem unnecessarily important but yet it was okay having it moved up your schedule; it’s possible you’re emotional. Well, if your day and other plans are guide by serious thoughts and consideration, then you’re logical. This is not a sign of rigidity as the emotional folks will call it but vivid attempt of goal setting.

  • Procrastination

It is no surprise some individuals tend to push out some activities or assignments to a later date till they may never accomplish or have them completed. Of course, it’s no sign of laziness for some; it’s just that they are preoccupied with other seemingly right task. If this is you, you’re ruled by your emotions but if your activities and plans remain intact even with additions to the list, then you’re rational and ruled by logic.  

  • Control or Controlled

The issue with decisions and the process of making them is that they ether influenced or not. The value of the decisions we make are based on our sense of judgment, intuition and influences from the environment. If your decision is largely influenced (or controlled) by the environment more than sense of judgement and intuition, the chances are that you’re emotional but if your decision are based on the other then they follow through rational process thus making you logical. In clear terms, if you control your decision you’re logical but if not you’re emotional.

  • Outcomes of your decisions

What are your chances of having a desired outcome after series of decisions have been made? Well, if you wish you made better choices there are high chances that your initial decisions were based on emotions and not on logic. However, if the outcomes are desirable and this has become consistent, then it goes to say that you follow through with a thorough approach in making those decisions hence you’re logical.    


logical or emotional quiz
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