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healthy relationship quiz
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We know great relationships don’t come easy in this era of sophistication. Some individuals luckily strike gold in relationships while others are in continuous search of that charming better half. Everyone deserves a chance at great unions and relationships but this kind of “greatness” does not come easy. Many persons are often left bewildered because situations change and so does humans. This begets the question of “the healthiness of a relationship”.  How do I know if my relationship is healthy? Well, here are few guidelines to ascertain the strength of a relationship:

healthy relationship quiz

  1. Is The Communication Link Open?

The big question here is, “how often do you communicate with your other half?”. Many folks hardly understand this question. You see, communication is the life of any relationship regardless of the duration. Many people assume relationships is all about being around the other half—no doubt that’s equally important, but what’s the quality of the communication? The communication in the relationship should be free, devoid of hiccups and fun filled. If the communication in that relationship is not challenging you to be better or overcome your fears, then the relationship may not be bringing out the best in you.

  1. Are you filled with joy?

Life is all about choices but does your choice of relationship really make you happy? Many life coach will say “happiness is a personal responsibility”, and that’s all true on all fronts but we’ve had days when certain relationships really made us far from happy. Check again! If you don’t have butterflies in your belly when you’re with your better-half or wish minutes ends ASAP when together, then you’re not happy there. I mean that should be the only person you’d love to spend your life with and wish it never ends.

  1. Do you trust each other?

Contrary to popular notion, trust is earned and not given. This is simple, can you recall your admiration for that particular brand of commodity you can never do without? Yes! We all have many of them; and our admiration for them was not immediate but proven with time hence the trust and confidence we’ve placed in those brands. The same plays out in relationships but if we still have reservations or secrets concerning that relationships, then I’m afraid that relationship is not healthy.

  1. Forgiveness

This is an important aspect of every relationship. In fact, a “forgiving spirit” in a relationship can sustain any union. How often do you let go when offended? The right answer will better your level of commitment in that union, and if otherwise the relationship is far from healthy.

  1. Can you find balance?

Relationships can take a huge chunk of our time and even personality. Relationships require a great level of commitment and it’s certainly not for the lazy but if you can get your “me time”, be loved, appreciated and not lose yourself while still committed then the relationship is healthy.   

healthy relationship quiz
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