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Have you ever gone through a zodiac quiz and have anyone state your sun sign afterwards? Perhaps, witnessed another individual being told of his/her sign? It is quite an amazing feeling and it is possible with practice, patience and a bit of luck. The feeling is Very appealing but many find it impossible but here are some tips for folks who might care to spare a few minutes.

To do this the right way! First, examine the appearance. Appearance is very key and that’s the first give away sign. All signs come with obvious attributes; a good and thorough look at the person will reveal an important detail about them – here physical trait begins to become clearer. With an understanding of personalities, it is important to have a good comprehension of traits – I mean all the traits there is to know, from Aries, to Taurus and Pisces.

The astrological sign Aries are individuals with confrontational approaches to issues. They are stubborn, freedom-loving, bold, impulsive, loud and hot-tempered. They often act first before thinking. On the other hand, Taurus are known to cherish nice things. They enjoy the good things of life, are materialistic and are lovers of outdoor activities. Gemini on the other hand are seen as good arguers; they are witty, chatty and intellectual individuals. Other personality traits, just like the aforementioned reveals a lot about individual sun sign and personality inclinations, and these details can often be uncovered by mere spending few minutes with people. Aside knowing the behavioral traits or individuals, it is also advised to study the characteristics of the face.

To easily guess zodiac signs of individuals, the movement and attractiveness of face gives some of the simplest information that further buttresses initial generated assumptions. In this regard, folks born in spring often have attractive faces; most of the time, they are Gemini, Aries and Taurus and the attraction may not necessarily mean pretty or handsome.

The hair, movement and other characteristics of the body can also be of immense help to tell the zodiac sign of individuals. With regards to the hair, people born in Summer are likely to have great skin and hair. The hair does not have to be straight – it is just great. Leo, Cancer and Virgo sun signs often fall in this category.

In addition, the characteristics of movements speaks volume as people born in Fall often have attractive, natural gestures, movements and looks. The features are great as a good number of Libra, Sagittarius and Scorpio fall in this category of personalities. Also, individuals born in Winter often have strong and attractive bodies. The Zodiac signs Capricorn, Pisces and Aquarius are well identified to be in this category.

With the aforementioned series of tell signs, it is advised to test these signs by searching for people with strong abilities, that are confident and with distinct qualities. These individuals are a perfect fit for analysis. The process may seem tiring but a consistent, thorough analysis and comparison will in the shortest time possible make you a Zodiac sign Guru.

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