Quiz: What Is My Zodiac Sign?

zodiac quiz
zodiac sign quiz

PROLOGUE: Generally speaking, our individual sun signs provide lots of information concerning our natural behavioral inclinations in life. We try as often as possible to make meaning out of them, put the parts together and apply them to actual life scenarios. This quiz collects these character segments, combining them as part of a mini social experiment in an attempt to guess your zodiac sign.

The field of Astrology is quite complicated. There's a lot more to it than just your birth date, for instance if you are born at the beginning or towards the end of a zodiac cycle, your personality will most likely be influenced by the preceding or succeeding sign. All zodiac signs come with different personality attributes and it is possible to be influenced by other zodiacs if you (your birth date) venture too close. The sun as we know determines the zodiac signs but it also lies in different positions vis-a-vis other planetary bodies at the time of our births. In other words, personalities are influenced based on the month of birth and also based on the sign's planetary alignment with the sun at the time of birth.

Zodiac signs by birth and the associated personality traits, as we now know, may not totally correspond to the actual behaviors. Can we accurately guess your zodiac sign? Who Knows? But here's this fun quiz anyway.

INSTRUCTIONS: Select the most appropriate answer to each question. Do remember to relax and have fun with each one. To get the best results, don’t answer what you feel is generally okay. You are expected to choose the answers that best describe you in most cases. For some of the questions, we understand you may have a difficult time choosing appropriate answers, and that’s just fine! When a perfect answer or a suitable option is not provided, simply pick any of the options you are most drawn to. Should you become confused midway, feel free to ask someone close who knows you well enough to weigh in on your behalf.

Good luck and please remember to share your results on your social media pages/groups and also invite your friends to join you.