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Want To Confirm If You’re Actually Over Your Ex? This Five Minute Quiz Will Tell …

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There’s no doubt that relationships sometimes become short of expectations thus leaving a huge hole in the heart. As harsh as this can be, life must certainly go on – we must date again. However, there is nothing more dangerous than getting into another relationship without confirming your state of emotional readiness.

Not certain if you’re over your ex and ready to meet another to walk with in love? Here’s a few pointers you need to ponder on before saying “yes” to the dating scene once again.

ex quiz

  1. You’re cool with being single

Being single comes with fringe benefits of self-worthiness. The state of singleness usher in the opportunity of discovering and understanding oneself. This is amazing because you cannot decide how to be treated if you haven’t discovered your worth and preferences. In fact, the only time you should date is when you’re not scared of being alone and if you’ve excelled perfectly at this stage then you’re fully set for dating once again.

  1. The past is the past

 Truthfully, you have every right to be angry at your ex. After all, details of all that transpired are saturated deep in your memory. However, holding on to those grudges will negatively affect your next relationship. But if you can process all that occurred in the past; pick up the best moments and walk away. Then you’re ready for a new relationship.

  1. Correct your wrongs

If you solely blame your ex for all that happened in your relationship you’re not ready to date just yet. Let’s be real here, there has to be your low moments where you didn’t handle a situation or a misunderstanding very well. Yes! Think that through. Taking responsibility is part of the process and once you stop passing the buck then you’re set for a new and healthy relationship.

  1. No need to talk or stalk

Sadly, this is true. Do you still create the opportunity to meet up with your ex? Do you stalk their social media handles? Do you intentionally walk into the park where you always had your weekend getaways so your paths would cross? I’m sorry if any of this sounds like you, you’re still stuck on your ex and not ready for a new relationship. In fact, you’re far from healing and going into another relationship would be toxic because you’ll go in with baggage.

  1. For the right reason

The desire to make an ex rife with jealousy is often a priority immediately after a breakup. If you go into a relationship to make an ex angry or jealous, you’re certainly not ready to move on. But if you’re dating with the sole purpose of doing it for you—because you have moved on and not trying to fill up the space of an ex then you’re ready for a new relationship.

Now let us help you find out if indeed you are over your ex and are ready to love again. This ex quiz will only take a few minutes of your time.

ex quiz
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