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With manufacturing operations spanning the shores of many countries including United States, China, Germany and many other nations, the Ford Motor Company is not only a strong brand but a competitive force to reckon with in the automobile industry.

As a giant that they truly are, the company upon establishment by Henry Ford was incorporated in 1903 and remains the second and fifth largest auto-producer in the United States and the world respectively even with listings on the New York Stock Exchange.

Of a truth, the Ford Motor Company is not just the normal mere-get-by brand because the company is listed as a top performing brand surviving three to four generations of family vision and leadership. Deservedly, the company’s existence over years remains strong with the Ford family in firm and continuous control thus existing as one of the few largest family businesses till date.

Reasonably, the company is well positioned as it is poised to take a commanding share of the auto-market. This is so as the Ford Motor Company owns the Troller, a Brazilian SUV manufacturer; a thirty-two percent stake in Jiangling Motors and an eight percent stake in Aston Martin while it also runs a joint venture partnership with various brands like Changan Ford, Ford Lio Ho, AutoAlliance Thailand, Ford Otosan and Ford Sollers in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Russia respectively.

Although, the company is diversified into many streams of investments, the Ford family owns a little stake in the business entity but reserves about 40 percent voting power thus making the Ford family a majority in terms of the voting rights.

In terms of management, the company has recorded huge gains under the leadership of William Clay Ford Jr. and continually maintains its numerous profitable chains of businesses while it had to shut down unprofitable entities and continues to acquire several budding startups.

Regarding the identity of the company, Ford Motor has had her logo redesigned a few times before the adoption of the current logo in the 2003. The first logo in 1903 had a styled inscription of the name of the company and Michigan- her current headquarters, before subsequent re-modifications in 1900s and finally in 2003 with a simple styled inscription of the name “Ford”.

Without mincing words, the company is dedicated to ruling the industry as it is credited with the introduction of the now famous engineering innovation called the assembly line in 1914 which eventually was tagged “Fordism” around the world. The innovation did not only increase the volume of production, management of business operations and procedures but also changed the technology and business of production.

Notably, the company is also described to have a huge presence in rallycross, sporting, tour cars, drag racing and drifting with a variety of product line such as Ford Focus, Mustang, Shelby and so on. It is evident that the Ford Motor Company is a brand for the future. So how well do you know the Ford brand? Like to give it a shot? Let’s see how far you’ll go on quiz oracle.

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