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Astrological Compatibility by Date of Birth and Time

Compatibility!! A key relationship substance that makes the world magical. Imagine a life without understanding each other. A life without understanding a spouse, colleague or an associate? Very impossible right? Compatibility plays a huge role in every human interpersonal relationship and it remains a main concern for anyone seeking any kind of relationship even romance.

To understand the concept of compatibility, there can’t be any other better medium than astrology. The use of astrology eliminates vague and inaccurate guesses as the study of planets and its application is based on logical and detailed study of the associated qualities of Zodiac signs and its attendant influence on the planets. Astrology is really helpful because its aid in understanding relationships in the area of who to embrace or who to shun – or at best how to manage all of it.

You can do a fun zodiac compatibility test which is a set of quiz questions designed to tell if you are astrologically compatible with your partner. This can also be a way of making critical decisions as to the work-ability or unworkability of a prospective relationship.

The Place of Synastry in Relationships

Assessment of astrological compatibility between individuals is called Synastry. Interestingly, there are many approaches to Synastry but many astrologers differ on the most reliable procedure. The most detailed and appealing method involves the comparison of individual charts and time of births – one which draws inferences on astrological tendencies of both individuals.

To get the best of this method, the features including positions of the Sun, ascendant moon and moving planets in comparative charts of the two individuals is considered important in the analysis. In situations where these information is not known, it can be estimated from calculating individuals’ natal charts making use of relevant platforms available for free even on the internet.

Interestingly, astrological compatibility could be assessed using many indices. First, ascendants indicate compatibility socially. It lay emphasis on how we get along with others. Also, the Sun reveals temperament compatibility, this explains how personalities interact naturally. In addition, the Moon reveals the compatibility in terms of emotion; that is how we relate emotionally.

Astrological compatibility is also extended as Mercury indicates compatibility of intellect. This relates how we share ideas, thoughts and how we communicate. Romantic compatibility is captured with the Venus Sign. This Sign reveals how we relate in romance and perhaps remains one of the most sought after indices for the analysis of compatibility. In the same regard, physical and sexual compatibility is indicated using the Mars Sign. This sign gives information relating to sexual hints, preferences and desires.

A comprehension of these signs may remain incomplete without the Jupiter Sign. This sign indicates the ideological compatibility which details possible reactions of individuals to the value system and opinions of other people; and perhaps how individuals react in particular situations.

Finally, development and sustenance of relationships over a long period of time is of paramount need to many. In this regard, Saturn is of immense help as it indicates long term compatibility. Each element of astrological Sign gives a pleasant direction in understanding issues of compatibility better; however, none should be treated in isolation of the other to fully maximize the benefits associated with astrology.