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Are Clash Royale tools actually real? Why you should not download any hacked version.

Supercell’s Clash Royale is indeed a masterpiece in its own class. The game is popular in the strategy genre and is played by millions of lovers world over. It remains celebrated for the content, strategy and peculiarity. In terms of play, Clash Royale pitches players in twos or fours (1v1 or 2v2) with the sole aim of destroying opposing towers. To win, the King’s Tower is destroyed in the shortest time possible.

However, in situations where team (or players) fail to achieve this at first or have equal amount of towers (crowns) then an extra duration follows with a player declared winner after successful destruction of opposing towers. This feat is possible with the use of limited resources such as golds, gems, chests and so on. This finite nature of these resources poses a huge constraint thus the inevitable search by every gamer for clash royale gems. But do these really exist? Do they function at all?

Well, many extensions of CR tricks exist and they claim to work wonders. In fact, some claim they provide unlimited gems, gold, and chest because they have backdoor access to private servers of Clash Royale. In other cases, some Clash Royale generators claim to extract gems and other resources upon carrying out surveys and “sharing” across various social media platforms. In addition, some offer options such as mod APK, which are installed separately alongside the Clash Royale application. This options claims to provide unlimited resources for users but unfortunately these claims are not always real.

In clear terms, these are numerous but most are not true to their claims of providing unlimited resources. In fact, it is safe to mention that most are a total waste of time. Like many other games such as Hay Day, Clash of Clans and so on, the Clash Royale is a server-based application hence the technicality in its set up. To play this game, it syncs data to the Supercell server when it is loaded and any attempt to circumvent or manipulate its set up locally (from user’s end) will cause a glitch that interrupts the transmission of data; this automatically springs up “server and client not in synchronization” message on its interface, leaving the game to restart and making previous attempt at circumventing void. Many reviewers attribute this real time sync feature as the advantage Clash Royale has over other server based games in and out of its genre.