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Quick Clash of Clans Gameplay Guide for Beginners

Clash of clans is a free multiplayer strategy game developed by Supercell that is available on Android and iOS platforms. In principle, the game is quite simple for habitual gamers but pretty difficult and intense for beginners. To maximize the gaming minutes, new players need to understand a few tricks and tips. This Clash of Clan beginners guide offers much insight into the concepts, resources and strategies to emerge victorious at the game.

clash of clans gameplay

  • Hold on to your cash

The game is actually free to play but it requires huge purchase of clash of clash gems for a quick upgrade of base. However, players need not follow the quick urge to pay for prompt victory. Masters of the game rightly put it that is may cost about $12,000 for a complete upgrade but it’s better to build up on strategy initially rather than breaking the bank.

  • Art of defense

Defense is actually an art in Clash of Clan. Many new beginners worry about attack and implementing this from the very start never augurs well. For beginners, instead of planning an attack it is advised to build up defenses and resources. Prompt upgrade of gold mines, elixir collections and storage facilities to house resources is paramount. In addition, it is important to note that the approaches to defense changes per time. For instance, once Town Hall 4 is attained the defense approach should be to create air defenses, upgrade mortar, cannon and Archer Tower; and perhaps construction of multiple storage capacities to house resources.

  • Develop your strategy for war

It important to note that the strategy new beginners adopt for war is equally as important as the mode of implementing the developed strategies. Once the plan for defense is developed and implemented, players can go to war albeit in the proficiency of the player. Here, first on the list is building a simple Clash of Clan army for simple and easy control. A simple army is necessary especially when the player still lacks the required skills in setting up a good defense.

After building the army, it’s apt to select the location to raid. Raiding a base is much important if victory is the goal. A poorly defended base should be selected for the first raid and this earns the new beginner about 3-star trophies. It’s right to mention that attack is highly imminent from any sides once players pass the 500 trophies mark. For new players to maximize raiding opportunities, bases with bad walls, exposed town halls or mortar, good resources and trophies can be considered. Bases with such features easily put new players at the top of the scoreboard. Think you can game through Clash of Clan? This guide is your sure bet.