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Clash Of Clans Online Generator – How to Generate Free COC Gems

Till date, aside the clash of clans online generator there is practically no possible way of slashing through Clash of clans though the back door (you should bury this idea if you looking to do this). If however you are looking at ways of obtaining free COC gems and gold, there surely are a number of tools you can quickly take advantage of. The clash of clans gems tool easily comes to mind.

Clash of Clan is a free premium game application released by Supercell. The game was released on the iOS and Android platform on August 2, 2012 and October 7, 2013 respectively. COC is an online multiplayer game that makes players chief of a village. The game’s strategy involves tasking the village chiefs with the building of towns with resources gained from attacking other players (chiefs). The strategy genre game is fun-filled and mentally tasking hence the need for a clash of clans cheat.

In real terms, many online platforms indicate that victory for players is possible if a rich collection of COC gems is maintained. How then do players maintain a rich collection of gems?

clash of clans gems

The Clash of Clans mod APK is a unique version of the game that allows players participate with unlimited gold, gems and elixir. This COC version is available only to Android users and can only be found in other forums and not on the Play Store. In detail, the version contains unlimited resources with which players can use in building their base and fighting other players without wasting resources. The advantage of this option is that it’s very easy to setup, well available on many online platforms and can be installed alongside the original Clash of Clan even on the same device.

However, another program – the Clash of Clans Jewel claims to work on both Android and iOS platforms. This program has generated much attention online even as it claims that the script is not only free but also runs without the aid of other programs. Only the (player’s) username, password and amount of coc gems information is required then the player is good to go. A number of complications have been reported by some users, casting aspersions to its perceived effectiveness.

Another online clash of clans free gems option is resource generators. This option exists in abundance online but many have not been confirmed to be 100% real and effective. Many sites offering this option offer gems, elixir and gold in abundance with little to no hassle; and many are said to work fine on both Android and iOS platforms.

Beyond the use of APKs and online resource extractors, some extensions of clash of clans tricks come in tips and cheats. The most popular of this tricks and tips are listed below:

  • Patience

Patience is highly important for a game that makes use of currency as its premium. Strategy and precision is key as it is advised that gems should not be spent in the early minutes of the game. It should be saved for important attacks and obstacles. Many platforms also indicate that gems should be spent on building huts, other buildings and should not be used in outright and wasteful purchases.

  • Be offensive

Like other games, resources can be accrued by attacking opponents. With Clash of Clans, the odds are positive that resources will improve significantly if one player attacks another rather than sit back. In Clash of Clan, you can defend or attack. However, if defense is the primary goal then first upgrade should be town hall, walls and defensive structures.

  • Shields

Regardless of a player’s goals, getting attacked can really be a huge problem. In the game, if 30% of the town is destroyed, you’ll have a 12-hour shield and if about 90% of your base is cleared out, an extra four hours is what you get. Then how do we overcome this challenge? Get your shields up! Shields are useful and we may choose to bring town halls into the open because safety time is available and it’s worth it.

Other tips include understanding the landscape, picking targets, random raids and exercising weight in clan battles among others. These tips are dynamic but a consistent and strategic implementation of these will make players get the best of the game.

PS: Aside taking advantage of a clash of clans generator, just in case you’d like to test your knowledge and understanding of this game, please feel free to do so with this Clash of Clans gameplay quiz.