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Fans of Big Mac, Burger King, Whataburger, Butterburgers and All Lovers of Hamburger, Here’s Your Quiz …

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Are you a big fan of hamburgers? Have you heard of the Big Mac or Burger King? Let’s whet your appetite a bit with this delicious meal and perhaps test your knowledge of the sandwich king.

With meanings such as “a bend in a river” or “closed pastureland” and “fortified settlement for hamma and burg” respectively; hamburgers, also called burgers is synonymous with sandwiches which are prepared with meats such as venison, kangaroo, elk, buffalo; fish or one without meat.

Historically, the satisfying feel of hamburger dates beyond recent times. In the 17th century, “Frikadelle” identified as Hamburg steak was mentioned. In a 1758 book titled “The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy” authored by Hannah Glasse, records of recipes for Hamburg sausage, a recipe and processing similar to the burger was evident. In addition to the aforementioned is the bread-roll-warm in 1869;- a sandwich similar to hamburger was documented to have been consumed by emigrants en route the US while the “sandwich” was also referenced in 1896 by the Chicago Daily Tribune.

Giving a spicy feeling, hamburgers are a common feature in eat-out centres and restaurants; and are often produced to meet burgeoning demand. It’s widely accepted by all regardless of demography and tolerance.

Evidently, burgers form a major staple in the diet of many Americans and other European nationals. In America, burgers come in many variants with some in square, round and are ordered normal or with add-ons like honey spicing, grilled sauce, cheese and so on. In fact, the production and processing of burger is fast becoming an art as many improvements and innovations are recorded daily.

In terms of market analysis, many chains of eat-out centers and restaurants thrive heavily on hamburger production due to the unlimited demand of the sandwich. Statistically, the demand for burger is so huge that McDonald’s eat-out centers in the United States, producers of the Big Mac is estimated to gross in over 550 million annually from burger production only. Without doubt the burger niche in the food industry is large and highly influenced by consumer preference with proper segmentation thus inducing strong competition.

With a fast growing appeal that the burger commands it is expected that controversies will always arise. In this regard, claims relating to the origin readily come to mind as some consumers and analyst in the food industry especially in America lay claim to the ownership of the sandwich-king as against historians that ascribed the origin to Germany. Also, the sandwich have being attributed to cause obesity in individuals particularly children but this claim remains highly unfounded as there is no scientific backing. As the sandwich-of-the-century, I’ll fight to have a bite of the snack, can you? See if you can handle quizzes that are as hot as a hamburger!

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