pasta quiz

Viva la Pasta! You’re allowed to eat the Spaghetti only if you score 70% on this pasta quiz …

Viva La pasta! Live for pasta! As strange as it may sound; you don’t know your Pasta. Pasta!! It is a meal that often comes in many variants and requires no announcement whatsoever yet accepted in many if not all nations of the world. Accepted for many of its advantages such as flexibility, ready-to-eat, appeal, […]

oyster quiz

Oysters And Pearls Quiz! Test Your Oyster Knowledge Today With This Ultimate Three Minute Quiz …

They are not mined neither are they ocean debris or remnants. Pearls are found on water bodies; shocked? Even many lovers of arts, fashion and numerous foodies know little or nothing about oysters and pearls. Think you do? Seat back and relish the moment as I prove you otherwise. Pearls are from oysters, a living […]

mushroom quiz

Edible Mushroom: How Well Can You Identify Edible Toadstools From The Poisonous Ones? Take The Quiz …

Appearing in many forms and shapes, the mushroom without an iota of doubt is not only needed but important for many reasons. Among the several types of the mushrooms is the edible mushroom, which serves a variety of purposes that goes beyond consumption and other domestic needs. Historically, the consumption of mushrooms also termed mycophagy […]

the real hamburger quiz

Fans of Big Mac, Burger King, Whataburger, Butterburgers and All Lovers of Hamburger, Here’s Your Quiz …

Are you a big fan of hamburgers? Have you heard of the Big Mac or Burger King? Let’s whet your appetite a bit with this delicious meal and perhaps test your knowledge of the sandwich king. With meanings such as “a bend in a river” or “closed pastureland” and “fortified settlement for hamma and burg” […]

almond quiz

The Real Health benefits of Almond milk. Test Your Almond Knowledge …

How well do you know your milk? How about the almond milk? Well, I’ll admonish you to think again. Surprisingly, almond milk is a natural drink made from almond plant. The milk before addition of other supplements appears creamy and pale white in its natural state. For domestic consumption, the milk is of tremendous nutritional […]

bread quiz

Lovers of Bread checkout this Bread Making Quiz and see if you’d pass …

I make bold to say that you’ve consumed this lifesaver numerous times, however I’m also certain you know little about this staple. Which staple could that be? You ask! Well, it is bread, the saver of lives and friend of men. All over the world, bread is a major meal in many homes. It is […]

cocktail quiz

Cocktail Quiz: Attempt This Quiz Only If You Know A Lot About Cocktails …

Cocktail!! Yes, cocktail! You heard right. How well do you know your drink? Typically, cocktails are mixtures of alcoholic drinks and are often a combination of two or more spirits. They are spiced with different types of ingredients and flavors such as fruit juice or syrup. Ingredients may also include herbs, sugar, citrus, orange, milk, […]

jam quiz

Test Your Knowledge of Fruit preserves, jams, and jellies in five minutes. Let’s Go …

Fruit preserves, jams and jellies have taken a substantial place in man’s diet today. Literally, preserves represent a collection of food supplements enriched with fruits and like it or not, these food supplements have come to stay. Specifically, preserves are simply any kind of jam and jelly. In general, fruit preserves vary with respect to […]

cake quiz

All Ye Lovers Of Cakes And Desserts – This Special Cake Quiz Is For You …

You definitely will not want to miss that yummy feeling it gives. Cakes are baked, sweetened foods similar to bread in appearance. With slight variations from bread, they come in many forms and taste; all to the delight of its numerous lovers. Historically, “cake”— the name is of Viking origin, traced to the Old Norse […]