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The Dog Lovers’ Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Dog Facts and Breeds with this Dog Trivia.

The Ultimate Dog Quiz

dog quiz
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This dog quiz tests your knowledge of dogs and your general knowledge of dog breeds. The multiple choice questions dog trivia was designed to be fun for dog lovers of all ages and levels of experience.

Dogs have been man's best friend for centuries. They are loyal, protective, and they provide unconditional love. For over 12,000 years Dogs have been domesticated by humans and it is believed that the first domestication took place in Asia. Dogs were originally bred to help with hunting or herding livestock or guarding homes and livestock from intruders or predators. But over time they became more of companions animal than work animals to humans, which is obviously why we now call them "man's best friend."

One of the main reasons that dogs make such good friends is their ability to sense our emotions. They know when we need a little love or cuddles, and they tend to know when we also need to be left alone. There are many ways in which dogs have helped humans throughout history. Dogs have been used in therapy for people with PTSD or anxiety disorders and they have also been used to help children with autism feel more relaxed in social situations by providing a comfortable space for them to interact with other people without feeling overwhelmed or judged by others.

Dogs provide emotional and physical protection as well as companionship. They were once used as hunting companions, but now they are more often used as pets. They can be trained to perform a variety of tasks including fetching things, guarding people/objects and also for tracking. Dogs have been shown to reduce stress levels in humans while some people even say their dogs have a calming effect on them.

Dog owners tend to know their dog's personality pretty well but this dog quiz will not only test your broad knowledge of dogs but also that of different breeds. This quiz will help you find out if you are the true dog lover that you think you are, or if you have some more learning to do!

INSTRUCTIONS: Select the most appropriate answer to each question and remember to relax and have fun with each of the questions. You can share your results on your social media pages/groups and also invite your friends to participate in this dog trivia quiz.