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Free Fire Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds …?

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Garena Free Fire!! Those in dire need of an action-themed gaming adventure should look no further as Garena Free-Fire Battlegrounds strongly fills that void. Are you already an experienced gamer looking to test the limits of your knowledge of the game? Our Free Fire quiz will do justice to that in a bit..

Also known as Free Fire or Free Fire Battleground, it is an action-themed game available on mobile platforms. A genre of battle royal, the application was created by 111dots Studio with Garena – a digital entertainment company in Southeast Asia, reserving the rights to publishing and distribution. The application surpassed the expectations of analysts as it secured an Open beta in November, 2017 and was made available to the public on iOS and Android platforms in December, 2017.

Undoubtedly, the game remains the most popular of all battle royales ever developed. In fact, the downloads and revenue generation accrued was at an all-time high in the industry. The game ranked first and fourth most downloaded in the fourth quarter of 2018 on Google Play Store platform and on Apple’s iOS (and Google) store in the year 2018 respectively. These feats recorded amounted to over 182 million downloads.

With regards to revenue generation, Free Fire generated about $19.3 million per month as at December 2018. The financial success recorded by the application ranks it behind Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds (PUBG) Mobile and above Fortnite respectively. In addition, the game is a recipient of the “Best Popular Vote in game” on the Google Play Store platform in 2018.

Upon creation of personal account (or connection via available social media accounts), new players can participate via two channels namely “start match” or “classic mode” platforms. In terms of game play, the game offers thrilling experience and commences only when there are fifty players. All players drop on an island from a parachute and the race for survival starts immediately. Like other games, the fundamental goal is winning and for Garena Free Fire, a win is possible when a player is the “last-man standing”. Simply put, all opponents must be eliminated in a single match. In Free Fire, players have shields and equipment such as machete, helmet, medical aids among many other items at their disposal; and these tools are used in speedy combats to eliminate opponents.

Conversely, many pundits down-played the success of Free Fire especially for its originality. Other critiques tagged it a spinoff of PUBG but it is without doubt that Garena Free Fire tops the adventure genre. Referencing available reviews, Free Fire has been celebrated particularly for its control, graphics and performance. These attributes are the advantages the game has over others in its genre particularly given that it smoothly functions on low-specification devices. Think you know a whole lot about this game? Do attempt this Garena Free Fire quiz.

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