bayern munich quiz

Bayern Munich Trivia Quiz: Specially For Bayern Munich Football Club Supporters …

Who would have thought that a slight disagreement would eventually birth a new dynasty in football? Clearly, the establishment of Bayern Munich Football Club has being nothing but glory and success to football lovers. The fallout which occurred due to the inability of players to join German Football Association (DFB) led to the creation of […]

arsenal quiz

Arsenal Quiz: Knowledge Test For The Gunners Of Arsenal And Their Supporters …

Arsenal Football Club!! The Gunners is a strong English giant with a reliable and consistent pattern of play, administration and philosophy. You’ve got to love the club especially if you’re a fan of entertainment – the English way. The Gunners, named after Royal Arsenal Complex was established in October 1886 by David Danskin and fifteen […]

manchester city quiz

Ultimate Manchester City Fan Quiz: Test Your Knowledge Of Manchester City Football Club …

The Citizens are no entrants or new-kid on the block. Did you know they existed before many favorite and popular clubs in the most viewed league in the world? I guess you never knew this. It is no doubt that the Citizens, Sky blues or City as they are fondly called are adjudged the most […]

real madrid quiz

Can You Pass This Real Madrid Quiz? See How Much You Know About Real Madrid Club de Fútbol …

You think you know Real Madrid? Los Blancos, Los Merengues, Los Vinkingos and Los Blanca; those among many are the nicknames of one of the most successful football club on earth. Founded in 1902, the Madrid club without doubt is highly revered by many supporters and lovers of the round-leather game. The history of the […]

chelsea quiz

Chelsea Quiz: Get in if your blood is blue! Test your knowledge of Chelsea FC …

In Fulham, close to the borough of Chelsea in South West London lies the prestigious Stamford Bridge stadium, home to the Chelsea Football Club. Also known as The Blues, Chelsea FC can in a way be regarded as the Royals of football owing to their trademark blue colour and the impressive image of a lion […]

manchester united quiz

Manchester United Quiz: Only for die-hard fans and supporters of Red Devils …

Can any football discourse ever be complete without the mention of The Red devils, Manchester United, the centenarian football club that occupies The Theatre of Dreams, on the banks of river Irwell, in Greater Manchester, England? We think not! Distinguished by their peculiar crest featuring an intimidating devil holding a three-pronged fork and having garnered […]