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are you a nerd
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Are you a nerd? Urban Dictionary defines nerd as an individual who enjoys learning – they are book smart and hardly live by social norms or “sociability”. Often times we assume, mainly by stereotyping, that they are persons with eye-glasses lased with think lens or guys with bow ties and suspenders. Perhaps, they’re folks with rough or clumsy attitudes? These thoughts about nerds are may in actual fact be misconstrued. Do you think you’re one? Let’s find out… Do the following describe you in any way:

  1. Books over people

Nerds are known to be “high” on books. In fact, they choose books over people any day. They rather stay glued to the pages of a book than socialize with friends. They very much cherish their books that they hardly give it out under any context. Eventually, when arm-twisted to lend others, they hope it’s returned in good condition.

  1. Do you question everything?

Do you question everything rather than accept them? Well, nerds often desire to know how “things” work. How the earth revolves round its orbit? In fact, nerds may go as far running a reverse engineering to better understand how a device performs an operation.

am i a nerd quiz

  1. Picky about TV shows you see

Find yourself drawback and unbothered when colleagues mention some TV shows? Nerds don’t watch everything that’s aired on TV—they’ve got standards. That standard may be tilted towards (but not limited to) science, nature and discoveries.

  1. History is just around the corner

Nerds mention Galileo, Aristotle and King Henry like they took a ship cruise round the world last summer. Do you know everything there is relating to history in the last century? If yes? You may pass the nerd score card.

  1. Incorrect grammar irritates

Yes! Nerds are thrilled with mastering of good English. In fact, they’re the mobile vocabulary—you don’t need the dictionary around them because they probably learnt the word at the age of nine.

  1. Unconventional games

Do you find brain tasking puzzles enticing? Is chess, scrabbles and other board games easy?  Well, you’re a nerd if your friends find them hard while you don’t.

  1. Classicals to contemporary

How old is your taste of music? Contemporary artists are okay but they don’t tickle your fancy in any way. It is either Beethoven or some old country music from the 70s. Then, you may pass for a nerd.

  1. Library before style

 Fashion means a lot in this generation but for the nerds it’s not a priority. Nerds often keep their shelves of books more tidy than their wardrobes or stacks of clothes. This is you if clothes from laundry stays on the chair for weeks while books are filed on the shelves immediately.

  1. You’re Sapiosexual

Does the human mind and intelligence interest you? I mean facial beauty is great but that’s just the start for a nerd. Do you find others with deep information attractive? Only a nerd does that.

  1. Ace the papers

It’s no doubt nerds have the information to come out tops in an exam. Their pass rate is always consistent. Is this true of you? 

are you a nerd
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